Squad Slay

They say the greatest gift of life is friendship and friends who slay together stick together whether in fashion triumphs or fashion flops. On a sunny day filled with laughter and excitement to have finally finished our final exams, my friends and I decided to do a fun photo shoot based on what we were wearing.

Outfit details: Daniel at the far left
Light blue T-shirt – Mrp Fashion. Dark Black pants – Mrp Fashion. Black shoes(Vans) – Studio 88

My outfit: next to Daniel on the left
Blue floral shirt – Thrift. Jeans – Mrp Fahion. Shoes (Vans) -Studio 88

Victor’s look on the far right
Denim jacket- Thrift. T-shirt –Jet. Jeans –Mrp Fahion. Shoes (Nike) – Thrift

George’s look next to victor on the right
White pink floral vintage shirt – Thrift. White T-shirt – Pep stores. Jeans – Mrp Fashion. Shoes (Vans) – Studio 88. Black Hat – Mrp Fashion. Sun glasses – Mrp Fashion

What you see is what you get; we basically live our daily lives in these outfits. For me i’m a recluse in love with everything denim, from jeans, to the jackets simply everything denim.

On warmer week days, you can find us at the University of Zambia chit-chatting, laughing and simply having a good time while caustically slaying😃


1. Discover your distinct style but do not be afraid to step out of the box
2. Summer is upon us, stick to loose vintage shirts, plain T’s, Hats and sunglasses
3. Jeans (Denim)/ chinos never go out of style despite the season hence slay in them throughout the year.
4. Don’t be afraid to accessories your look!

Picture Credit – Zenith Photography

Thank you for reading!


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