Our Summer Fashion LookBook

When it comes to fashion and personal style, summer to us ( Myself and Stanley) is synonymous with shorts, vintage shirts, bright T-shirts, light wash denim jeans, cool/funky socks, casual sunglasses, denim jackets and sweat shirts (yes you heard right!) easy footwear like the white chuck Taylor All-Stars or converse, vans and so on.

For the longest time ever, I was yearning to collaborate with a creative and luckily for me I got to work with Stanley who is my friend and go to for fashion inspiration/advice, life choices and pretty much everything. We got to experience our ideas blossom to fruition hence this lookbook is a representation of how we dress/how will be dressing this summer.

Stanley’s way of defining his style this summer.

I would say comfortable and ready to wear (because I feel comfortable in the clothes and they are ready to wear,very simple to pull off at the same time.)

Bryan’s way of defining his style this summer.

As depicted in this lookbook, Stanley & I tend to lean to a retro look but personally for me this summer, my style is a reflection of my personality & attitude. I can be unapologetic, edgy and so on but the key in all this is being comfortable in what I wear hence this lookbook.

Quick tips: This summer;

  • Stick to cotton fabrics,
  • Opt for light colors,
  • wear loose clothes and throw in those funky sunglasses to not only enhance your look but shield you from the heat.

Working on this lookbook was fun because summer happened to be our favorite season for a number of reasons. It is easy to enjoy outdoor activities during the hot season, it is the best time to relax with friends and family, it is also the best time to freshen up and go for a swim at the pool or the beach, most importantly for us summer is all about the fashion! The Zambian hot season allows us to incorporate how we feel by dressing this way as depicted in “Our Summer Fashion Lookbook” These casual looks can be worn at school, the mall, linkups with friends, outings and so on. They are easy to pull off with a dose of attitude of course (lol). We would also love to mention that most of the outfits costed less than K100.

Without further ado, see more below:

First Looks (Duo)

Stanley & Bryan

Bryan’s OOTD Details|| Oversized button down shirt, Thrifted || White T-shirt, Pep|| Pants, Thrifted|| Shoes, Studio88|| Socks, Thrifted||

Stanley’s OOTD Details|| White gold T shirt, Mr Price|| Pants, Thrifted|| Socks, Mr Price|| Shoes, Studio 88||

|| Duo OOTD details|| Yellow T-shirts, Thrifted|| Light wash denim jeans, thrifted|| Socks, JET|| Shoes(converse), Markham ||

Duo OOTD Details|| Red Coca-Cola shirts, thrifted|| Light wash denim jeans, thrifted|| Socks, JET|| shoes(converse), Markham

2nd Looks (solo)


|| OOTD Details|| Jamaica inspired sweater, Thrifted|| Light was denim Jeans, Thrifted & DIY’d|| Shoes, Studio 88||

Bryan’s look

|| OOTD Details|| Pink shirt, Woolworth|| Light was denim Jeans, thrifted|| Socks, thrifted|| Shoes, Studio 88||

Light wash denim jeans just scream summer to us!!!!

3rd Looks


||OOTD Details|| White T shirt, Pep|| Oversized Denim Jacket, Thrifted|| Pajama Pants, Thrifted|| Socks, Thrifted|| Shoes, Studio 88||

Pajama pants are perfect for the summer! They are flowy, loose & edgy.



Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I hope this was helpful on how you can slay the summer! If you liked this post be sure to give it a thumbs up and leave your thoughts in the comment section below. If you’re new to this blog, be sure to subscribe and share.

Creative Direction and Styling – Bryan & Stanley.

Photographer – Mutumbi

Till next time




  1. The outfits on the green wall, coca cola t-shirts , those tartan print pants. You guys did the absolute most, I’m officially excited to see more of what you will be wearing this summer 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

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