Lusaka July 2018 “Colony of Wealth”

Hello Guys,

In case you didn’t get the memo the hottest event in town took place at the Lusaka polo club on the 14th of July and yes I’m talking about the glamorous Lusaka July brought to you by yours truly, our favorite sister duo PR GIRL MEDIA!

Monde Nyambe & Chishimba Nyambe of PR GIRL MEDIA with Kuni in the middle

This year’s Lusaka July was held under the theme “Colony of Wealth” (how do you/ how did you interpret the theme?). For me this theme meant so much, it reminded me of a people, a beautiful people “in this case, a fashion nation/colony or state” that was deeply rooted but incised in an era controlled by and living in a foreign place. In case you were wondering, Pr Girl Media broke the theme down specifically for you in the following words;

“We know of a land of riches

A fashion colony, they call it

Where kings and queens gather to watch the sport of kings

Dressed in silks, pearls and precious minerals

We have heard whispers of this land

From the merchants in territories near and far

A land where the finest of things are served

This colony is not a myth, this colony is alive

This colony is yours.”

This year I got to attend the fashion-forward event with an all-media access pass (yes I was everywhere, taking pictures, mingling with celebrities and the general crowd and pretty much just enjoying everything lol). At exactly 12pm, red carpet arrivals kicked off, people were dressed to kill and no one came to play! Right by the entrance was a social media booth where the stars of the hit show Tizibika hosted arrivals and asked them the million dollar question, who are you wearing?

From the musicians, models to Tv- personalities to Bloggers like Farrai Malunga, Peter Mwansa, Niva Hankede, Kapula Fred, and so on, this year Lusaka July was graced by various Zambian celebrities/socialites such as Cleo Ice Queen, Kuni, Bombshell, Dj Roxy Jones, Thandi Vundamina, Macky 2, Iris Kaingu, Queen-Diva Mampi, Chef 187, Dj Veezy, Eleftherios Mukuka, Lulu Haangala woods. Celebrity appearances included Nollywood actress Nadia Buari, the gorgeous Dilish Mathews and everyones favourite south-African entertainer Maps Maponyane. The event was hosted by Natasha and Brian.

Without further ado here are some of the best dressed & least dressed (note that this is my opinion & hence may differ from yours)

Trust Queen-Diva Mampi to bring the heat in this red gown, definitely one of the best dressed.
Bombshell looked ravishingly beautiful!!!

Cleo Ice Queen in a royal blue dress.

This went wrong in all ways

Media personality Lulu Woods


Serving major side leg😍[[[[[[[[

the execution was not theme appropriate.

Yes!!!!! One of the best dressed by far👏🏼
Farrai & Niva

myselft| Kapu’la Fred | peter

What’s Lusaka July without polo? Well everyone got to experience “the glamour of polo” with a captivating polo match by Zambia vs Australia. The event was entertained by musical acts such as; Afro Red band and Poet Malachi, the dazzling Kuni, James Sakala and others.

Red carpet interviews by Diamond Tv’s Chimweka & Monde

Let’s talk about the V.I.P, shall we? The décor was spectacular, the fiiiine wine, the food ( Dulce by Jessie did that!!!!)

After much anticipation it was finally time for the fashion showcase. This year’s designer showcase included Gloriaz Daughter, MK72, Blink Africa Designs, Mtani from Tanzania, Nkanda Yatu and the lovely Lace by Mwenge.

The fierce Christina Sakala (tin tin) walked the runway like the pro that she is.

After the fashion showcase, it was finally time to kick off the after-party (quickly inserts Beyonce’s “cause we love to party” lol). Dj El Mukuka and Dj Sebastein Dutch had everyone cracking their best dance moves and singing along on top of their voices. The crowd got to see a funky side to our celebrities and to top it off we got to see Maps Maponyane’s dance moves to the popular “Omunye” tempo!

Pr Girl | El Mukuka | Host, Natasha

Chef 187

We love you too Dilish

Nollywood actress Nadia Buari with Kapula Fred

It’s definitely safe to say that the 3rd annual Lusaka July was a success. Cheers to PR GIRL MEDIA and various corporate sponsors, here’s to a much anticipated 2019 Lusaka July!

Thank you for reading,

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