A Vintage Lookbook pt1

Becoming a ‘vintie’ and living the vintage lifestyle more or less starts with the clothes and progresses quite quickly into researching past eras. The 1980’s and 1990’s are by far the greatest revolution that took place to humanity – from the overwhelming inventions like the oiled machines, the fascinating theories, the fact that watching Tv was an event, being a groupie was cool, there was no such thing as global warming (technically lol), sex was still sexy (don’t you agree?), and finally the fashion was everything!

The 80’s were undoubtedly an interesting time for fashion. Filled with bold designs and bright colours, the decade saw gents fully embrace trends and proudly showcase their style, (of course over time these brave looks slowly disappeared to make way for the minimalistic ‘90s and’ 00s).

My friends and I decided to honor (time travel back to where it all began – the roots) the 80s-90s formal men’s fashion/ lifestyle. From the bum bags, vintage shirts, straight wide legged pants, bright coloured socks, fancy jackets and the panel flat cap. We incorporated all this in our 1st visual lookbook below.

Fun Fact

The Panel Flat Cap – it is said that all classes of men wore these hats, even boys selling newspapers on the street corners or average business men. This hat was simply a statement that completed what defined a gentle-man back then.

Living a vintage lifestyle to us is all about celebration, edginess, class, freedom, friendship, embodiment and laughter. We couldn’t hide our excitement in this and relieving the 80s through this formal lookbook was amusing.

[See more images below]

Creative Direction – All (Bryan Manda & Zenith Photography)

Styling – Bryan Manda

Photography – Zenith Photography Zm





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