Dapper Yet Funky

Hello Guys, I hope you are all doing just fine and flourishing in abundant love. I recently turned 22 and celebrated it in style (lol that’s not the reason for this post but hey you can wish me a happy birthday)

I have fallen in love with how dapper everyone is dressing, especially how the men are bringing it and making it their own thing hence I decided to define the term on my own grounds. Dapper may mean neat, elegant, well-dressed, modest, well groomed, Debonair etc.

Paired my outfit with a slight oversized Jacket from my brothers closset

||Paired my outfit with a slight oversized Jacket from my brothers closset||

‘Dapper yet funky’ is my own personal expression of how well dressed I’ve been lately, the trends I have been trying out and simply how cool I have been feeling about myself and how fashion has been able to allow me express myself.

||Jacket – Brother’s Closset|| Black Shirt – Mrp Fashion|| Golden Glasses – Mrp Fashion|| Pants – Thrift || Shoes – Thrift ||

The modern day dapper man/woman may be seen wearing coats, designer shoes, well suited, blends accessories modestly from designer wrist watches, necklaces, uses the best scented cologne and always gets a fresh cut from the trusted barber etc.

This look is my own definition of how dapper I can be and yet still be trendy. Go define ‘The Dapper Man/Woman’ on your own terms and don’t forget to be funky while you do so!

More pictures below⬇

Photographer – @The Bands

Thank you for reading!



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