Consistency Tips Meets Outfit Inspiration

Hello Guys

I’m back with another post of a look that made me feel relevant as a creative and why I keep doing what I do – ‘consistency’ in relation to blogging.

Like many of you I have been through a series of chapters when I simply wanted to quit blogging because I somehow felt I wasn’t good enough or simply because I couldn’t manage to stay relevant and produce content that was good enough. Years later, today I feel more confident than ever and happy in my own skin. I guess this outfit + Five tips that keep me going = Confidence! Lol.

This outfit pretty much inspired this blogpost
1. Publish it anyway
I think it’s terribly dangerous for an artist to fulfill other people’s expectations. They generally produce their worst work when they do that – DAVID BOWIE

Like many of you, most of the time my problem was just publishing. I would look at my work and think everything is crap and people won’t like it. But David Bowie was right when he stated that it is dangerous for artists to fulfill people’s expectations. I always trust my instincts as a blogger and when am done with my work I just hit the publish button, take a seat back and try to view my work objectively. I always tell myself, if one person can benefit from what I post then I have nothing to fear!

What can you say is your greatest fear to hitting that publish button?

2. Get inspired

I only write when inspiration strikes. Fortunately, it strikes at nine o’clock sharp every morning – WILLIAM FAULKNER

It is common truth that inspiration tends to make one create content faster hence seek this inspiration out there. I usually visit other people’s blogs to attain inspiration. I also read a lot of publications (mostly online articles & novels). I also love taking walks this helps to clear my head and get me back to shape. As a fashion enthusiast I never underestimate the power of a good outfit. A good outfit honestly boosts my self-esteem and gets me more prepared for any challenge (That’s why this outfit somehow made me feel like a boss! Lol)

Inspiration will later make you blog on the clock and will help you become a prolific blogger.

3. Follow a schedule and always plan.
Producing great content is hard? Duh no its not when you plan. Planning is very important. Great content can only be delivered if you adequately plan and invest in it if need be. Without a plan I never put anything into action equally a schedule is important as it allows your followers to know when and how often you post. I actually don’t have an editorial calendar (cut this broke student some slack, my academic work chews most of my time hence I don’t follow a schedule. I post when I want to and when i have to lol). But I post like twice a month or so.

4. Turn it into a game
Why so serious dude, turn blogging into a game and have fun with it. In a world so serious don’t let unnecessary formality ruin your ability to enjoy writing or creating your blog posts. Stop worrying about writing the perfect post and just write whatever comes to mind (you can polish it later). Attend events and while you’re there interact and don’t be afraid to ask. To improve my fashion blogging I’m a sucker for fashion events and Art exhibitions. I’m high key addicted to this and that leads me to my next point.

Fun fact about me: I cant maintain white shoes, don’t let these pics fool you lol

5. Stay social, focus on the big picture and focus on great communication

Social media is a great way to stay in touch, get inspired and improve your blogging skills. Check what fellow bloggers are doing but don’t copy or plagiarize their work, just don’t please! Focus on the bigger picture, what you’d maybe like to achieve with your blog. My bigger picture is to keep producing great content, being myself, collaborating with other Zambian and international bloggers and so on. Communication is key guys hence if you post a blogpost always communicate clearly to your audience (am I not a good at this lol).

Additional tips may include;

Specialize in something (if you want to)
Know what makes others successful

Familiarize yourself with the tools you’re supposed to use

And always practice, practice, practice and practice!

I cannot emphasize how this outfit made me feel lol I owe it the inspiration to this post.


Vintage shirt – Thrift

Brown leather mini bag – Mrp Fashion

Pants – Mrp Fashion

Shoes(Vans) – Studio 88

More pics below⬇

Dreaming in wonderland & serving melanin!


Thankyou for reading!



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