Fashion Brand: Aya Goods by Lucy Mulima

Hello Guys,

I discovered ‘Aya Goods’ on the internet and immediately fell in love with the fashion brand. I remember saying to myself ‘What inspires/inspired Lucy Mulima to create such a phenomenon empire of master pieces.

Lucy Mulima is a Zambian fashion entrepreneur based in South Africa and Founder of ‘Aya Goods’. She is inspired by tradition and driven by contemporary design. After studying Journalism, a skimp in fashion PR and starting a natural skincare range, she diverted to designing. In august 2015 she launched her clothing brand and worked hard for what was yet to come.

The name Aya is inspired by the Adinkra symbols of the Ashanti people in Ghana. Aya signifies perseverance, determination, endurance and boldness. When the Ashanti weave a cloth for you it is supposed to have a representation that speaks to your character. Aya is that person, defiant and bold.

Runwayrecarp with Aya Goods on the Lufthansa 1st class collections run way. More at

The designer is not only making waves on the fashion scene; she is definitely telling stories with her clothes, a language that is rooted and allowing people to express themselves in her pieces, isn’t she a powerful force?. If you ask me she’s a power house!

Lucy Mulima is drawn to various components in the prints, its colour, or the weave of the cotton. The prints she works with afford her the opportunity to explore and muse her associations to the cultural symbols that surround her. Indeed a true creative in her own niche.

Lucy hopes to see Aya Goods thrive and become a sustainable fashion/lifestyle business and a well-established designer in South Africa and world over.

“Fashion designing is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.” Charles Eames. This quote definitely describes just how much of architecture Lucy Mulima has proven to be. She not only continues to make good designs intelligently but she makes great designs that thrive and hold a sense of meaningfulness in our lives.

More pictures below;


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