Fashion For Brunch 2017

Hello guys,
On a low key lazy evening busy checking my e-mails and social media pages, I was spooked by an invite to attend Fashion For Brunch annually hosted by Mafashio. “Hallelujah mama I made it to my first fashion event!” I immediately went in a dimension of what I was going to wear.

Fashion For Brunch, created in 2015 and hosted by the ladies of Mafashio (kayi & kii) is the actual brunch itself blended with the aim of bringing together the fast growing Zambia fashion blogging community, to create a platform for fashion bloggers/Content creators to interact, bond, take plenty of pictures and enjoy delicious food. The event took place at Meraki Restaurant and was proudly sponsored by Vodafone JUMP, Tied by Nature, The Letterist, Zambia Fashion Week and Mafashio itself.

Kayi & Kii (Mafashio)

To kick start the event we had to answer five interesting questions (icebreakers) which gave us a primer to each blogger/creative. I found myself on the hot seat and this is how I answered them:

1. What book, movie or video have you seen/read recently that you would recommend?
Ans. Un-huuh!!! This was the easiest question for me. Warsan Shire – ‘Teaching my mother how to give birth.’ (I highly recommend this book, it’s very unapologetic, mind blowing and beautiful)

2. If you could do your dream job ten years from now, what would it be?

Ans. Own my own printing company that would give writers a platform to have their authentic narratives printed , further I’d also love to grow an empire that incorporates all creative’s , give them a platform, support and allow them to fully express themselves

3. If you could max out your card in any store, which one would it be

Ans. As a full time lover of thrifting this was hard lol, I chose Mrp Fashion anyway.

4. Name one piece of clothing that describes you

Ans. Denim (& ‘Chitenge’ prints)

5. What genre would the movie of your life be?

Ans. Thriller: because nobody knows what am up to next.

We had wongani a representative from Zambia fashion week who informed us about the different designers showcasing this year, as well as how fashion bloggers can come on board and support the fashion show.

Moving on Media personality & Entrepreneur Lulu Haangala Wood from Vodafone-JUMP emphasized on how bloggers should stay consistent, understand their audience and stay targeted to them. She added that finding ones niche is very important and assured us of Vodafone-JUMP’s support towards fashion bloggers/creative’s provided that they take their work seriously.

The atmosphere was filled with so much slayage, creativity, individual authenticness and style,

A seat at the table conversation 😉
Niva of Druberg Fashion House| Peter, | Milez,
Harris – Celebrity Stylist| Faith Hamafubu| Peter| Taonga,
Marian,| Yuma,| Tapiwa,
Myself & Lulu Haangala Wood
Zillah Mubangalala of Vodafone-JUMP
Tapiwa & Martin – A stylist
Sekayi (lady of Mafashio)|| Tukiya (lady of Mafashio)
Wongani Moyo – Artist/Creative.
Myself & Kaluba,

My OOTD – Denim Jacket, Thrift| Black shirt, Mrp Fashion| ‘Chitenge’ Pants, perfect stich by a tailor| Shoes ‘Vans’ Studio 88.

The creative conversations were accompanied by the tasty food & beverages.

Thanks to Vodafone-JUMP for the 1GB data , Tied by Nature goodies and the gift cards/note book(s) from The letterist.

Thank you to Mafashio for a memorable ‘Fashion For Brunch’ event. I look forward to more next time!

Photo Credit – Kwitu Group

Thank you for reading!


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