The Writers & Poets Event

Writing is an extreme privilege but it’s also a gift. It’s a gift to yourself and it’s a gift of giving a story to someone. It is for this that the, The Writers & Poets Club recently had an all writers, poets & readers event and i was lucky to host it. The event took place on the 26th of August at Global Platform Zambia a social hub that encourages & promotes the youth. This years ‘writers & poets’ event was tackled under the theme:

How can writers & poets, grow & tell original zambian stories’

What prompted me to come up with such an event was to create the change that i want to see towards the reading/writing culture in zambia. A zambia that had authentic storytellers who told stories creatively, in original states. Writers are indeed shapers of peoples perception towards issues & situations hence the event tackled major issues on how our Zambian storytellers can do this authentically.

The frist speaker to grace our presence & help tackle the theme was, Peter Mukuma.

(Peter mukuma, holding Arckion, a sci-fi novel by Jacob Kabwe)
Peter Mukuma is a writer, Motivational speaker, life coach & entrepreneur. His the author of a zambian novel ‘Tales from the Zambezi’ a book that has told & depicted the zambian story vividly. Peter Mukuma spoke about how emerging writers & poets can begin their writing career, establish themselves & how they can get published. He encouraged the audience to write & read more if they are to get better at their writing. He also highlighted that been true to oneself & telling stories from the scope of ones environment enables one to write authentic.

The second speaker/guest to grace our presence was Luka Mwango. Luka Mwango is a storyteller by design, Writer by discipline & poet by consequence(pretty ironic right?). His an author of two novels namely;

Perdition and Prolific Poet (Dear future wife i cry). Mr Mwango is equally a screenwriter.
Luka Mwango has proven to be a creative in every sence of the word, his originality, authenticness & embodiment of Zambian literature has left many inspired & motivated to tell/ write storys that are original. Luka Mwango enlightened the audience about how he, has a child was not always into writing & how he later feel in love with writing. He tackled the theme of the event very vividly & encouraged everyone to stay true to themselves.

The third speaker to grace our presence was a lady who personally inspired me to continue writing. Carol Tiyelesa Phiri the founder of the ‘Literature Corner’ a social endeavour that gives writers & poets a platform to showcase their art. Carol tiyelesa is an author of an ebook titled ‘The ancient ones’. At the event she tackled the theme in a unique & profound way. She motivated & encouraged the audience to always read more if they are to get better at their writing.

Our Fourth speaker, a lady of charisma & intelligence. Natasha Chitimbe is a writer, media personality & mainly known in Zambia as an Editor. She has edited for many writers such as Galamukanj Banda, Dario Chongolo, Mantel Masumba, Miyanda Kaliwa etc. She has also contributed to online sites such as

Natasha Chitimbe has risen to the top of the most trusted editors in Zambia. At the event she enlightened us about her editing skills & what it takes to be an editor. She highlighted that been an editor is all about making sure, your thoughts (writers thoughts) are inline with facts, for instance if you quoted ‘Martin Luther king’, editors like herself make sure they prove this in every sense of the word. She spoke about how writers & poets shouldnt be scared to step out of the comfort zone but remain true to themselves and tell an authentic story. Indeed Natasha Chitimbe left the audience in awe & inspired by her speech.

To close the event, our last speaker Gerry Sikazwe, who also helped shape the event & set it up embraced the theme effortlessly. Gerry Sikazwe is a writer & more of a poet. He tackled the theme by presenting to the audience 3 poetry pieces, which mesmerized the audience as he spoke.

In attendence, familiar faces were in audience, such as Jacob Kabwe author of Arckion a sci-fi novel that will have you glued from start to finish. A local poet by the name of Marita was equally in attendance. Applause to everyone that attended the event!!!

The audience was given the following tips if they want to establish themselves as writers & poets and tell authentic stories
1. Think of why you want to be a writer & perhaps an author someday. Use this to motivate yourself

2. Try readinga wide range of books

3. Make sure you understand the of your plot

4. Study about grammer & spelling

5. Write the basic event outline of your story/book

6. Get inspired

7. Use good punctuation when you write

8. Do not worry about your age. Writers are neither young nor old. Anyone can write

9. Write on a draft to help you perfect your work

10. Write deceptively

11. Create good authentic characters

12. Try different genres

13. Get help from fellow writers & poets

14. Attend events that will help you grow as a writer & poet

15. Always tell an authentic original story.

Till the next event, i hope you all continue reading & writing. Lets tell authentic stories & shape the world we live in.

Thank you for reading!

More pics below⬇


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