What a beautiful being you are, do you even know that. You dig deeper, searched the world for love & perhaps died to acquire society’s validation, but while doing so you lost yourself. You lost your SELFLOVE you forgot about SELF CARE.

Do you even know what SELF LOVE is? It is about;
Admire someone’s beauty without questioning your own.

If you are unhappy in a relationship, you are not obligated to stay in it!!!your only obligation is to yourself!! be happy!!!

Your insecurities or security, for that matter, should not be based on someone else’s perception of you.

I like all my beauty marks & am so much happier with my skin

going to start taking myself out on dates

I’m going to make you so proud

Try to love yourself as much as you want some else to.

Never waste your time trying to explain yourself to people who are committed to misunderstanding you.

Be unapologetically you-Be who you are. Not who the world wants you to be.

Own your flaws & imperfections they are your defining features of your beauty

Remember that YOU matter for all that you are and all you are yet to be.

Once you stop trying to please everyone, look around and you’ll see where your friends really are.

Firstly be kind to yourself and then pass that gold on 💜🌈🌸

I’m not perfect but i’m always myself

When you learn to accept yourself, you free yourself from the fear and pressure of others having to accept you.🙏❤

Unconditional love awaits YOU within YOUR
very heart.

love yourself; be obsessed with you and who you are – no one will love you and respect you as much as selflove can.

Are you holding yourself as a prisoner to anyone? Break free & live for you!

If you haven’t been told this yet, you are beautiful & unique. No one else is you & that is worth everything.

Preach greatness to yourself. Make it your passion. It might not happen tomorrow but it will happen with time and effort.

Say YES to YOU

Do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do!

Loving me is my main priority

I have a beautiful mind. My wholeness is for me, myself & i

I’m BLACK, worthy, smart & powerful

Remember to take care of yourself. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

When you get ready to say something nasty about yourself or others- replace it with a kind statement.

Fill up your cup first! You can’t show up for others if you aren’t showing up for yourself!

I know I ain’t all this n that but I love being me…wouldn’t wanna be nobody else.

You are so much lovelier than you think

I love me.

I have battled contentment with myself. Often i felt unworthy and seeked love in home’s that couldnt house me. I seeked love in places that used my energy and left me broken. I was fragile & vulnerable.

On a full moon, i stood out there gazing like a child. I saw my reflection pleading for attention to be nurtured- i found the answer within me.

my self love is a garden of flowers🌹🏵💮🌸
my self love feels warm.
my self love tastes sweet.
my self love looks like gold.
my self love feels like home.
let your flowers bloom without distraction.


isolation is a form of self love.
silence is a form of self love.
you, are a form of self love.
let your flowers bloom without distraction.


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