No one wants a black woman with a mouth. It is about silencing the women, “the violence of silence and how it keeps being solid in our culture is slowly been broken.

To the African women, stand up firm and tell yourself;
I am African before my gender, beauty, culture, sex, religion.

Iam an African

For her blue skies take my breath away

And my hope for the future is bright

Iam an African

Because she is the cradle of our birth and nurtures an ancient wisdom

Iam an African

Because she lives in the worlds shadows and bursts with a radiant luminosity

Iam African

Because she is the land of tomorrow And I recognize her gifts as sacred

Do you appreciate your birth?
Are you comfortable in your own African skin?

That beautiful dark rich ginger chocolate complexion you inherited from your mother is your pride, it should be!..

Melanin goddess you are and will always be. Your skin is a reflection of the brown-reddish soil of the African land that shines upon us in daylight and sparkles in the moonlight. Your scares are nothing but perfection; they are the natural tattoos that you inherited from your ancestors whom they called witches and wizards but were unable to erase from the earth.

“Nobody ever warned you that the women whose feet you cut from running would give birth to daughters with wings”

Your African roots run as deep as the lineage of your ancestral origin. Africa is not only your birth place, it is your kinky stubborn hair, your dark brown shinny eyes, your wide nose, your big juicy lips, your hips, your thighs, your strong arms, your big strong legs, your slender shoulders, your big or small bosoms, your red dark blood, your sharp ears, your strong chest, your strong hands, your natural road maps “stretch marks”, your ethnocentricity, your life. Africa is who you are and not what the western man said you should be.

I watched my grandmother’s wear a different kind of beauty from the one I see today. They embraced their culture while at the same time lived unapologetically ‘BLACK’. They smiled widely and viciously often showing the wide gap of their teeth which melted a man’s soul upon been blessed with the gift of sight. They cared less about the arrangement of their teeth, the pimples on their face, the cracks of child birth nor did they care about aging, hair loss and the fading of their African body shape, they did not care because each day they wore “beauty” according to their definition of it and not what the real devils claimed what beauty was and should appear to be. My grandmother’s wore natural African clothing such as wrappers, beads, animal skin and elephant ivory bangles. Their necklaces were well defined, weaved and wrapped in small shinny round emerald mabbles collected at the hill of “Lukaleshi” village in Chinsali district. They did not cook their hair nor did they wear the hot red ash the white man introduced upon us. My grandmother’s did not die they simply reincarnated upon us in another form, they left us books of oral instructions and guidelines that are nothing but pro Afro black pride, joy, success, liberation, power, belonging and our very own life support system. All these rich elements burn and anger our white friends, why?
Am glad to see the revolutionary journal of BLACK beauty, power, success, embodiment, liberation and achievement. Black Women and men are the engines of our grandmothers and our ancestors; they are the ‘power house’ and definition of Africa.

To the women and girls

I’m just here to tell you that….

You are an African queen

They call you dung beetle, charcoal, tar baby
They tell you, you are darker than a Panasonic tv,

They say to you , you will have it hard finding a husband or a job

because you’re darker than the ink on your CV

They tell you, your her hair is too nappy,

too curled, too kinky, too coiled,

too rough, too bush, too masculine,

too hard to manage, too heavily oiled

and if you let it all get to you,

your beauty will be spoiled..

if you told the truth and shamed the devil

you would see that your actions are evidence of your constant inner battle
the bleaching of your skin is not self expression or your own personal style,

it is african subjugation, self hate and self denial.

But I’m not here to judge you,

I’m just here to tell you that…

You are an african queen,

regardless of the levels of melanin in your skin

You are dark… because for generations.. the african sun has kissed your skin and caressed your face.

your darkness is not a shameful scar, but a constant reminder of that warm embrace.

Your hair is rough because you are a rose with thorns, not a delicate flower,

Your hips are wide because those very hips birthed humanity.

your full lips should not be a reason for shame but for vanity.

your eyes are a moonless charcoal sky and the reason they are so dark

is because like charcoal, your soul is full of dormant strength just waiting for a spark

you are suited to your climate, like a fish is suited to water

You were birthed from Africa’s loins.. and you are your mother’s daughter.

To the women and girls, always tell yourself:
It is beautiful to be black

It is the colour of strength and pride

It is the color of fame and envy

If I wasn’t black, I wouldn’t be me.
Black is the color of power and authority

I’l shout it to the world, I’m proud of what I am.

Those who are in vain will never understand.

It’s beautiful to be black

It is the color of confidence and style.

I have been blessed, by my ancestors from the great Zambezi.

Its beautiful to be black
It is the color of honor and grace

This is one thing that cannot be taken away

You are black coffee with curves of sugar.
You are dripping melanin and honey

You are black without apology

You are a spoon of chocolate and soul food

You are the rib of an African king

Whether celebrated, imitated, exploited or denigrated. Whether natural from inside or skillfully applied, always remember

Your black African self is beautiful and worth self appreciation.

PC : Zenith Photography Zambia



  1. Truly inspired more indeed i am Unapologeticaly black ..

    My Favorite lines
    You are an african queen……
    You were birthed from Africa’s loins.. and you are your mother’s daughter………
    Your black African self is beautiful and worth self appreciation..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I bookmarked this link the time I saw it on fb..and I dont regret coming back to read.Some really great words you have there Brian..i could literally envision every sentence I read.will drop by soon to read some more

    Liked by 1 person

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