women are conditioned to love men at the expense of themselves. society says women’s lives have no meaning if no man is there.

you don’t need statistics to say that. look at how hard women have to work to define themselves outside of men. Men don’t have that problem.
So when i say “men are conditioned to put women through hell and thank them for it” it’s not a blind shot. I obviously, it’s a generalization, but the generalization has merit. Otherwise, there’d be no generalization to make in the first place.

So you can be mad i said that. or you can like, pay attention to the shit you’ve done and if not you, your homies and if not them, social media. When we’re children, you watched boys hit girls and people say “he hit her cause he liked her.” this is what i’m talking about.
You grew up your whole life talking about “ride or die” chicks. you ever stop to think what she’s riding or dying through? conditioning.

When i say “men are conditioned to do this” i’m saying you participate in this shit so often you never stopped to see where it came from.

and by “you” i mean men and women, it’s a system that keeps this behavior up and that system is patriarchy.


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